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Surplus Liquidation Buyers: How They Are Making Business?

Reliable and consistent product supply is a major challenge for most new businesses. But, there are also several ways to buy products such as wholesale distributors, wholesalers and surplus liquidation sellers. Before considering the surplus salvage industry to take your business forward, it is important that you, as a surplus stock buyers, gain some knowledge on how it works and be able to identify the bait and stay safe. When you examine this opportunity in greater depth, you will come across many terms like overstock, surplus, reclaimed, salvaged, customer return or offered for resale.

In support of the surplus liquidation industry:

Most S&S dealers are real, and their transactions are above board too. Outdated and slow moving stocks do pile up in nearly every industry, and these need to be disposed of. Depending on the nature of goods being offered, you may also notice several conditions that are attached to the offer. In some cases you may not be allowed to sell the stocks in the same geographical area you are buying from. For instance, in the USA, you may get a great range of exterior and interior paints from businesses that aggregate old stocks from large manufacturers and offer it in bulk to buyers who should agree to remove the stocks out of the US in whatever manner they determine to be appropriate. The pricing tends to be very attractive, but you should have the ability to handle the merchandise which can be termed ‘hazardous’ in some circumstances, find appropriate offshore buyers, perhaps repack the material and arrange logistics to the final destination.

But all businesses do not conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, and that is where you should be careful and do deeper research to keep yourself safe. The following are among valuable tips that you can use to make money from this business while avoiding the pitfalls.

  • Initially, think of spending about $22 for an annual membership with industry forums like and look for other websites that provide Ripoff reports free of cost. Consider this as your learning cycle and do not engage in any trade until you have some level of expertise.
  • When your learning cycle is adequate, and you are ready to take the plunge, start slowly by buying small units and costing no more than a few hundred dollars.
  • Remember that good dealer in the surplus liquidation business will always work with you so that when you make money, the dealership also makes money. At the root of this business, you need to remember that you are buying ‘junk’ or ‘salvage’ although it may be classified under different names. You will make money only when you sell your stock to someone else.
  • Stay away from electronics unless you have the technical know-how to determine what really can be restored.
  • Understand the quality of stuff you are buying. Overstock, reclaimed, liquidated, salvaged and shelf-pulled are some of the common terms employed. But you are better off avoiding customer returns because they tend to be as bad as ‘junk’.

  • Ask for catalogues and if the dealer is asking you to pay for them, stay off that dealer. You are entitled to know what you are buying before you put your money in. Clothing, for instance, can be stained, retail-ready, without buttons, etc. How much you know personally to determine what you are getting and how much you can gain from the lot.
  • What part of the lot you buy would need to be thrown away? Don’t worry because this is a practice in the trade and most product mix involves a part that has to be thrown away. The upper limit should not exceed 20% of all that you pick up.
  • Ensure that you start buying in small quantity, a case or a pallet at best. This way, you can test the waters and gradually build up the business as well as your relationship with the dealer. Avoid all temptations to go for big stakes in the hope that you can make it big overnight.


  • Inspect everything that you intend buying with your naked eyes and ensure that what gets into the package is what you have seen and paid for. Be around when the truck is being loaded and have the boxes inspected when they reach your destination.
  • If your S&S dealer refuses personal inspection, you are wasting your time and money. An inspection should be ingrained into the business, even after you have built a successful business for several years. That is by far the only way you will stay safe in this business.

Before concluding this discussion, let’s have a look at two more important aspects of this business.

  • Enhance your knowledge on ‘cherry picking’ which deals with the art of identifying right opportunities at the right time.
  • Finally, learn about handling money. In this trade, you may find many dealers asking for a wire transfer. This is potentially a red flag because there are several other ways to ensure that your money reaches the dealer without hassles. Remember that a wire transfer into the dealer’s account is a one-way transaction, and if something goes wrong, your money is also as good as gone. You can always use a credit card or send a check or other methods of payment. But, whatever be the methods, you must have access to your money if and when the situation goes wrong.

The surplus liquidation business by itself has a great potential and involves a significant amount of money for those who go through a learning cycle and acquire enough knowledge to keep off the dangerous curves.

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Solar Power: What are Solar Inverters?

They are not the sexiest part of the solar power system (definitely not as sexy as the panels) but happen to be the most vital and are the brain of the system. Also known as converters or PV inverters, they convert direct solar current (DC) into alternating current that can be fed to the grid or used by an off-grid electrical network.

It is also a safety mechanism that shuts off the system when the grid goes down. Beyond that, by converting the solar energy, it allows solar power to work just like any other energy source.
There are various types of solar power inverters.
1. String Inverters
This is the best alternative for small installations. It’s typical for residential and commercial applications for power less than 1MW.
String inverters are inverters used to convert energy when the panels are installed in a row each of them being on a string. Example, if you have 30 panels, arranged six rows of 5 panels and each row has one string. In this case, energy from all the panels on one string flow through the single string into the inverter then to the power grid.
They are best for use in places where they are no shading issues. Shade will lead to a decline in performance of the entire system. If one panel is shaded for only a portion of the day, reducing its performance, the performance of other panels is automatically reduced to the level of the struggling panel. For the effectiveness of this inverter, the panels should be on a single plane.

  • Has lower balance of systems costs
  • Its maintenance costs are low, and
  • It is simpler in design and modularity. The modularity is better for systems with different array angles.


  • It requires more inverter connections
  • Needs more space to install the inverters and
  • Newer and are less field tested

2. Micro-inverters
Just like power optimisers, they are module level electronics. However, they convert energy from DC to AC right at the panel, and thus string inverters are not required.
This panel level conversion of power has its perks. One being the fact that the performance of the system will not be affected if one of the panels is shaded making it perfect for areas with shading issues. These micro-inverters are also reliable where an installation has multiple planes facing different directions.
They also monitor the performance of each panel, are more efficient but expensive relative to string inverters.

3. Central Inverters
Similar to string inverters just a bit larger and with the capacity to support more strings.
The difference between Central and a string inverter is that the multiple strings from the solar panels have to be connected by running them through a combiner box. The combiner then runs the DC to the inverter where it is converted into AC and finally moved to the power grid.

  • The DC watt unit cost is much lower relative to string inverters
  • Has a proven field reliability
  • Optimal for large systems


  • Has a large inverter pad footprints
  • Its installation costs are quite high
  • Higher DC wiring and combiner costs

4. Battery-based inverters/chargers
These are tricky to understand. They are bidirectional in nature and are inverters that manage energy between the array and grid while keeping the batteries charged. It can also be defined as an inverter that converts DC from batteries into AC.
The battery-based inverter is becoming more important with the growth of solar and storage. It is quite beneficial since it continuously provides and ensures operation of critical condition irrespective of the grid condition e.g. in the event of an outage.
They are of two types (grid interactive and off grid) and require a battery to operate.

  • Grid-interactive inverters

Also known as hybrid inverters, they perform a dual function. They export excess power into the grid while at the same time providing backup power to protected loads during outages.
They use a battery bank to store excess energy. In normal conditions, excess energy is exported, but during a blackout, it uses an automatic transfer enabling them to operate off grid safely. With this, it disconnects from the grid and supplies AC to protected load from the battery. However, it provides about 5%to 10% less energy than other systems that do not rely on batteries. This is because energy is required to maintain the batteries.

  • Off-grid inverters

These inverters convert DC from batteries into AC as per the requirements of the load. Solar panels charge the batteries through a charge controller and only power required is converted.
As per eurosolar guidelines, the inverter and battery should be properly sized because the excess energy cannot be exported to the grid.
Hope you found the article helpful. Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below and share for sharing is cool.

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Excited For Date Night? Wear A G-String and Feel Extra Sexy

Is your date night approaching? Has time been speeding up as you get closer to that day? Are you still trying to figure out what undergarments to wear? Maybe you should think about wearing a G-string on that day.

If you are wearing a tighter dress, then underwear lines are the last thing you want. Even if you are wearing a large dress, you might want to feel the sexiest you have in your entire life. A G-string can eliminate any underwear lines and make you feel even more amazing.

What Is a G-String?

black g string

Image credit : B Free Intimate Apparel

For those who are unaware, a G-string also referred to as a thong, is a pair of underwear that has a little fabric on the bottom and then the rest is thin. In fact, it almost looks like a string, just a little thicker. The string parts go around your hips and up your butt crack. It might sound a bit weird but is beneficial in many situations.

Any time that you want to feel extra sexy for that special someone in your life, you might want to think about putting on a G-string. It doesn’t cover much, but leaves just enough up to the imagination to be sexy.

When Are the Best Times to Wear These?

Date night

Looking sexy on date night might be the best thing to do. You can wear a sexy dress and some heels and then wear something extra sexy underneath. This will be a great surprise later on in the night and might just make the night that much better.

Wedding day

Wedding Day walk

Wedding days, particularly for the bride and groom, are stressful. They need to make sure everything goes according to plan and that nothing gets forgotten. Some brides might forget to make sure they have the proper lingerie on so that there are no lines and that you can’t see them.

Of course, there will be some who decide to just go without, but for those who prefer wearing these things, they might want to make sure beforehand what works. A G-string might end up being the best option, as you can get a skin colored one that won’t be seen and won’t create any lines.

This is also helpful for bridesmaids. Their dresses might have some see-through material or they might be wearing something that is skin tight. No matter what, a G-string might be the exact thing you need.


Parties are always a lot of fun. There might be drinking, and there might be someone you find that you want to take home. Would you want to be wearing your most comfortable pair of underwear that isn’t the least bit attractive?

If you’re wearing anything that’s skin tight, then underwear lines will become an issue. To avoid that, a G-string will be your saving grace.

Any time

There aren’t only specific times that you are able to wear G-strings. In fact, you can wear them whenever you want to. Do you want to feel sexy, even if no one else sees what you’re wearing? Maybe try a G-string.

Do you want to make sure that no one can see your underwear or see any lines? Put on your favorite G-string. Do you just feel like wearing them? Then wear them.

Date night

For your date night, a G-string might be almost like a saviour. You can walk down to the restaurant and love how you look. You’ll know that you not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. You’ll also have a little extra sexiness that only you know about. Of course, later on, you can tease your fiancé with what you’re wearing underneath the dress.

When you are shopping for your date night dress, take a moment to think about your dress. If there is any sort of see-through material to it, then you should think about what underwear you will wear. If nothing you have will work, then see if a G-string will do the job.


G-strings might not be comfortable for some people. They do sit in places that are uncomfortable, especially for individuals who have medical conditions. However, for others, they make them feel incredibly sexy and beautiful.

You don’t have to wear a G-string on your date night, but it might make your dress look a lot better. Plus, later that evening, your lingerie will be very welcome.

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A Guide To Powered Speakers Which Will Make Your House Party A Hit

party music

Hosting events, whether they are cocktail dinners, dance parties or music festivals, requires thorough planning. You create the theme, invite the performers, plan campaigns for advertising and set up the stage. Yet, your plan is incomplete without zeroing in on the perfect Public Address speaker. A good PA speaker is integral to hosting an event that is applauded and reminisced about. It helps you communicate with the audience at a solo performance, it sets the mood of a party, it helps emcees entertain guests and plays a significant role in making your event a success. The right PA speakers ensure that your guests are included in the on-goings.

So, how do you pick out the best PA speakers?

To get to the perfect PA speakers, you ought to do your research – look at the myriad options available while taking your budget and sound requirements into consideration. Sound requirements vary based on the kind of event you are planning. A single PA speaker may suffice for a cocktail dinner that requires only background music while a dance party calls for a system with prominent sub-woofers. Given the choices the best names in the sound industry have to offer, you will have no trouble finding the right PA speakers for your event.

There are three types of PA speakers that cater to different kinds of events. They are listed below, along with the best systems in each category.

Powered Mixer with Passive Speakers

These PA speakers are mainly used for small events like meetings, addressing a small gathering, for live bands or for playing background music in restaurants and lobbies.


A brand that is revered for its sound equipment, JBL brings you the perfect speaker for gatherings in small halls. The EON206P has a six channel mixer with 160 watts of power. The two-way speakers can be attached together to make the system easily portable while the RCA and 3.5mm aux ports help you play music without hassle.

Fender Passport Series

Known for its sound instruments, Fender has outdone itself with the Passport Series of PA Speakers. The Passport Event boasts a seven-channel mixer powered up to 375 watts and 8-inch two-way speakers. The Passport Venue boasts a ten channel mixer powered up to 600 watts with an increased speaker size of 10 inches. Both these PA speakers would do perfectly well for small gatherings, acoustic performances and entertainers.


The Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I

The STAGEPAS 400I from Yamaha is a package that contains a single powerful mixer with a set of speakers. Perfect for performing bands, public speaking and entertaining, this model is easy to use and boasts a feedback suppressor that enables clear sound, without the undesirable echo effect. Four high-quality reverb settings that are controlled by one knob further enhances the STAGEPAS 400I’s user-friendliness.

Powered Speakers with Passive Mixers

Dance parties require powerful subwoofers that bring out the best effects of bass. Powered Speakers with Passive Mixers do exactly that so you can bring the dance floor to life.

Peavey Triflex II

A 15-inch 500-watt subwoofer and two 10-inch, 250-watt speakers, make up this set that, when put together with dance music and a mixer, creates the perfect balance of sounds. The Peavey Triflex II comes with the necessary stands and cables to help you set it up with ease.

Mackie SRM 450V3

Mackie SRM450

A two-way speaker powered by a 1000 watt amplifier, the Mackie SRM 450V3 is an easy to carry, thanks to its 12-inch size. XLR/TRS and stereo RCA inputs allow for easy connections. Two of these speakers put together are enough to get your party started, bringing your guests to the dance floor to shake a leg.

Electro-Voice EKX Series

With decades of experience in the sound industry, Electro-Voice, with its EKX series, boasts a range of PA systems that provide crystal clear audio and subwoofers that offer powerful low frequencies. The EKX-15P, a 15-inch two-way speaker with 1500 watts of power, can create the sound you need for large parties. This, when paired with the 18-inch EKX-18SP subwoofer with 1300 watts of power, can provide the perfect set up for music festivals and DJ and dance parties.

Passive Speakers, Passive Mixers and Powered Amplifiers

For buildings that require permanent sound systems, Powered Amplifiers with Passive speakers and passive mixers come in handy. With serpentine cables that connect the speakers to the right amplifiers, these PA speakers are mainly used in auditoriums, venues that host live music, performance halls and professional sound companies. Such systems are put together and installed by professionals who take into consideration the sound requirements of the venue, to ensure the best experience for visitors.

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Top 6 Ways That Your Kids Could Spend Their School Holidays

Vacations are not the ideal time to sit back and relax, sleep or do exhaustive studies. Instead, invest most of your holidays on reality-based learning. Though the list is endless, here are some of the best kid’s attractions where you can spend these holidays for a complete edutainment experience:

1. Theme or Amusement Parks

Image of a theme park

  • Theme attractions like the Sea World, Luna Park, Movie World, Wet n Wild and the White Water World are some of the best places to visit. The kids here can also get lessons on kayaking, jet skiing, surfing and whale watching. For nature lovers, don’t forget to check out the magnificent Currumbin Bird Sanctuary.
  • Taking a ferry ride towards the North of Sydney, you can find the Luna Park, which is an amusement park for kids who love those Ferris Wheels and Tango Trains. With the spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour. Also in Melbourne, there is an abundance of school holiday activities at Luna Park, in addition to exhibition, shows and performances.
  • If you need your child to develop some sporting habits during these holidays, then the Sydney Olympic Park is the best place where one can learn some new skills such as archery, circus, art and swimming.


2. Family friendly beaches

  • The Great Barrier Reef couldn’t really be missed out this vacation. It is probably the best place in the world for snorkelling, surfing and underwater sea diving wherein your kids can get to know about the vibrant and gregarious sea life.
  • The tropical island of the North Queensland is one of the most untouched and enchanting beauty hotspots in Australia. Here you must explore the Fitzroy Island, the Mossman Gorge and the Crystal Cascades, to count the least.
  • If you are looking for a peaceful and a relaxation holiday idea, then the Penguin parade at the Phillip Island at the South Gippsland, could be a wonderful beach escape. The island is also a home to koalas and fur seals at the Koala Conservation Center.

3. Nature, Animal and Wildlife

Image of Kangaroo Island

  • The Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s best weekender hotspots wherein at the Flinders Chase National Park and the Seal Bay Conservation Park, kids can fall in love with pelican feeding sessions, caves, fishing, jetties, sand boarding and of course, watching the honey bees do their work.
  • Renowned worldwide, Tasmania is a small stretch of land in the South East of Australia and a great place for hiking, biking, nature walks and various other activities. And if you are lucky, you may also encounter the Tasmanian Devil!
  • The Central Australia is the best place to explore a diverse range of wildlife and some crazy and bizarre landscapes. Here, you must enjoy checking out the Uluru, Alice Springs, Kata Tjuta, King Canyon and the Darwin. The Ayers Rock Resort can be a perfect nearby camping destination.
  • The Magic Mountain, Western Plains Zoo, Sea Rocks, Jetty Beach and the Kiola Beach Holiday Park at the New South Wales is a one-stop destination where you can spend your holidays by spotting kangaroos, try tobogganing, explore rock pools and have a fun time with your family and kids in private beaches.


4. Camping

  • Many kids love the jungle experience. The Victoria’s High Country towns such as Mansfield, Bright and Beechworth, with it big-sized resorts, are one of the poshest and wild experiences that your child can get this vacation. Though it can be a bit pricey, the zeal of mountain biking, bushwalking and camping here is truly worth each dollar.


5. Exploring Science

Image of a planetarium

  • Located in Western Australia, the Perth city is a home to one of the biggest planetarium in Australia – the Scitech Discovery Center. Here your kid will learn about a wide range of science and astronomy topics via 1800 sound and laser projections.
  • Also, don’t forget to check out the summer school science workshops at the Science Center and Planetarium at North Wollongong. Here you can learn more about science, cosmos and nature through live science shows and planetarium shows.


6. Glimpses of History and Past

Image of a museum

  • The Australian Museum is an extensive storehouse of cultural artefacts and glimpses of natural science. The hundreds of galleries at the Australia’s first public museum are dedicated to dinosaurs, indigenous Australians, natural science, Australian wildlife and some impeccable sculptures.
  • Travelling to Victoria would let your kids explore and learn about some massive shipwrecked disasters and stories of Australia through laser shows at Warrnambool. Exploring the 12 Apostles here would also help kids to learn the geomorphology of the earth and the formation of limestone. The Apollo Bay and the Aireys Bay are some of the finest family-friendly towns in Australia. You can also learn about the story of the Eureka Stockade at the recreated 1850s gold rush town in the Sovereign Hill.
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