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Excited For Date Night? Wear A G-String and Feel Extra Sexy

Is your date night approaching? Has time been speeding up as you get closer to that day? Are you still trying to figure out what undergarments to wear? Maybe you should think about wearing a G-string on that day.

If you are wearing a tighter dress, then underwear lines are the last thing you want. Even if you are wearing a large dress, you might want to feel the sexiest you have in your entire life. A G-string can eliminate any underwear lines and make you feel even more amazing.

What Is a G-String?

black g string

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For those who are unaware, a G-string also referred to as a thong, is a pair of underwear that has a little fabric on the bottom and then the rest is thin. In fact, it almost looks like a string, just a little thicker. The string parts go around your hips and up your butt crack. It might sound a bit weird but is beneficial in many situations.

Any time that you want to feel extra sexy for that special someone in your life, you might want to think about putting on a G-string. It doesn’t cover much, but leaves just enough up to the imagination to be sexy.

When Are the Best Times to Wear These?

Date night

Looking sexy on date night might be the best thing to do. You can wear a sexy dress and some heels and then wear something extra sexy underneath. This will be a great surprise later on in the night and might just make the night that much better.

Wedding day

Wedding Day walk

Wedding days, particularly for the bride and groom, are stressful. They need to make sure everything goes according to plan and that nothing gets forgotten. Some brides might forget to make sure they have the proper lingerie on so that there are no lines and that you can’t see them.

Of course, there will be some who decide to just go without, but for those who prefer wearing these things, they might want to make sure beforehand what works. A G-string might end up being the best option, as you can get a skin colored one that won’t be seen and won’t create any lines.

This is also helpful for bridesmaids. Their dresses might have some see-through material or they might be wearing something that is skin tight. No matter what, a G-string might be the exact thing you need.


Parties are always a lot of fun. There might be drinking, and there might be someone you find that you want to take home. Would you want to be wearing your most comfortable pair of underwear that isn’t the least bit attractive?

If you’re wearing anything that’s skin tight, then underwear lines will become an issue. To avoid that, a G-string will be your saving grace.

Any time

There aren’t only specific times that you are able to wear G-strings. In fact, you can wear them whenever you want to. Do you want to feel sexy, even if no one else sees what you’re wearing? Maybe try a G-string.

Do you want to make sure that no one can see your underwear or see any lines? Put on your favorite G-string. Do you just feel like wearing them? Then wear them.

Date night

For your date night, a G-string might be almost like a saviour. You can walk down to the restaurant and love how you look. You’ll know that you not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. You’ll also have a little extra sexiness that only you know about. Of course, later on, you can tease your fiancé with what you’re wearing underneath the dress.

When you are shopping for your date night dress, take a moment to think about your dress. If there is any sort of see-through material to it, then you should think about what underwear you will wear. If nothing you have will work, then see if a G-string will do the job.


G-strings might not be comfortable for some people. They do sit in places that are uncomfortable, especially for individuals who have medical conditions. However, for others, they make them feel incredibly sexy and beautiful.

You don’t have to wear a G-string on your date night, but it might make your dress look a lot better. Plus, later that evening, your lingerie will be very welcome.

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