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A Guide To Powered Speakers Which Will Make Your House Party A Hit

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Hosting events, whether they are cocktail dinners, dance parties or music festivals, requires thorough planning. You create the theme, invite the performers, plan campaigns for advertising and set up the stage. Yet, your plan is incomplete without zeroing in on the perfect Public Address speaker. A good PA speaker is integral to hosting an event that is applauded and reminisced about. It helps you communicate with the audience at a solo performance, it sets the mood of a party, it helps emcees entertain guests and plays a significant role in making your event a success. The right PA speakers ensure that your guests are included in the on-goings.

So, how do you pick out the best PA speakers?

To get to the perfect PA speakers, you ought to do your research – look at the myriad options available while taking your budget and sound requirements into consideration. Sound requirements vary based on the kind of event you are planning. A single PA speaker may suffice for a cocktail dinner that requires only background music while a dance party calls for a system with prominent sub-woofers. Given the choices the best names in the sound industry have to offer, you will have no trouble finding the right PA speakers for your event.

There are three types of PA speakers that cater to different kinds of events. They are listed below, along with the best systems in each category.

Powered Mixer with Passive Speakers

These PA speakers are mainly used for small events like meetings, addressing a small gathering, for live bands or for playing background music in restaurants and lobbies.


A brand that is revered for its sound equipment, JBL brings you the perfect speaker for gatherings in small halls. The EON206P has a six channel mixer with 160 watts of power. The two-way speakers can be attached together to make the system easily portable while the RCA and 3.5mm aux ports help you play music without hassle.

Fender Passport Series

Known for its sound instruments, Fender has outdone itself with the Passport Series of PA Speakers. The Passport Event boasts a seven-channel mixer powered up to 375 watts and 8-inch two-way speakers. The Passport Venue boasts a ten channel mixer powered up to 600 watts with an increased speaker size of 10 inches. Both these PA speakers would do perfectly well for small gatherings, acoustic performances and entertainers.


The Yamaha STAGEPAS 400I

The STAGEPAS 400I from Yamaha is a package that contains a single powerful mixer with a set of speakers. Perfect for performing bands, public speaking and entertaining, this model is easy to use and boasts a feedback suppressor that enables clear sound, without the undesirable echo effect. Four high-quality reverb settings that are controlled by one knob further enhances the STAGEPAS 400I’s user-friendliness.

Powered Speakers with Passive Mixers

Dance parties require powerful subwoofers that bring out the best effects of bass. Powered Speakers with Passive Mixers do exactly that so you can bring the dance floor to life.

Peavey Triflex II

A 15-inch 500-watt subwoofer and two 10-inch, 250-watt speakers, make up this set that, when put together with dance music and a mixer, creates the perfect balance of sounds. The Peavey Triflex II comes with the necessary stands and cables to help you set it up with ease.

Mackie SRM 450V3

Mackie SRM450

A two-way speaker powered by a 1000 watt amplifier, the Mackie SRM 450V3 is an easy to carry, thanks to its 12-inch size. XLR/TRS and stereo RCA inputs allow for easy connections. Two of these speakers put together are enough to get your party started, bringing your guests to the dance floor to shake a leg.

Electro-Voice EKX Series

With decades of experience in the sound industry, Electro-Voice, with its EKX series, boasts a range of PA systems that provide crystal clear audio and subwoofers that offer powerful low frequencies. The EKX-15P, a 15-inch two-way speaker with 1500 watts of power, can create the sound you need for large parties. This, when paired with the 18-inch EKX-18SP subwoofer with 1300 watts of power, can provide the perfect set up for music festivals and DJ and dance parties.

Passive Speakers, Passive Mixers and Powered Amplifiers

For buildings that require permanent sound systems, Powered Amplifiers with Passive speakers and passive mixers come in handy. With serpentine cables that connect the speakers to the right amplifiers, these PA speakers are mainly used in auditoriums, venues that host live music, performance halls and professional sound companies. Such systems are put together and installed by professionals who take into consideration the sound requirements of the venue, to ensure the best experience for visitors.

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